Holy life—I believe that life is sacred. To be celebrated. To be lived with purpose and passion. To make a difference. To live a higher calling than just taking up space and breathing air.

Holey wife—Fifty something, imperfect wife of a perfect (for me) husband and man of God, imperfect mother to 3 fabulous grown-ups and a fabulous son-in-law, imperfect friend to friends who forgive my short-comings and love me anyway. Would rather read than clean house. Absent-minded but blames it on hormones. Once lobbied God to make sarcasm a spiritual gift. Grateful for grace. Working at celebrating the faith journey vs the arrival. This blog journals the intersection of life and laughter as I move from holey to holy.

Thanks for joining the journey.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh, Kim I’m going to enjoy reading what you write! I can’t believe you are too lax about your appearance as your Mother always looked perfect when she stepped out to go somewhere! Don’t you have some of that in you too? Keep on writing so I can read it! Hugs, ‘Melvina’

    • I won’t say I’m lax about my appearance. Mama taught me well! :0) I always have my hair fixed and make-up on because it makes me feel better. But I do struggle with the whole shoe thing! That’s why I never wore Gaucho pants. What shoes go with that anyway? Thanks for sharing. I’ll keep writing!

  2. “Once lobbied God to make sarcasm a spiritual gift.” lol You say you are from Kansas, which town? I’m from Kansas too and grew up on sarcasm. I learned the hard way in college that not everyone appreciates sarcasm as much as my family did. We must be related.

    • Mandy, I grew up in Protection, KS. Where are you from? Glad to hear I’m not the only one who considers sarcasm the gift that keeps on giving! I think you’ll appreciate my thoughts on Kansas in the latest blog post, “Oh Give Me A Home…” Especially the part about Kansans gravitating to Kansans! Thanks for commenting!

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