Attention, Please!

Word Press is a little like Facebook. When I log on, it asks, “What’s on your mind?”

Well, Dear Reader, it’s this:

“If a blogger writes a blog in a forest and no one reads it, does it make a sound?”atree

I’m only in a metaphorical forest–I’m actually in a quaint little town in Kansas–but the question is the same……

I write because I have something to say. I write to connect with others who are on the journey to holiness but most times find themselves just plain holey. I write so that we don’t feel like we are the only one out there.

What I don’t do is write to be a voice crying in the wilderness, so to speak.


I really don’t want this to be a one way conversation where I yammer on and on about things that interest me, but no one is “out there.” Believe me, I am honestly interested in your thoughts and where you are on this crazy life journey!

So please, “Talk back!” even though your Mama said, “Don’t.”atalk

For shameless bribery, I’m offering the first contest on Holy Life/Holey Wife. With TWO prizes! For the writerly types out there, a copy of  this book:The Moral Premise Great writing book! You’ll love it!

For the “normal” non-writerly people out there, a 20.00 Amazon gift card! amazongift

What’s the catch? You just need to comment HERE, on the blog. Tell me what interests you in your pursuit of the Holy Life. And let me know if you are a writer or a normal someone who doesn’t have characters that talk to you in your head! I’m outa town at the end of the week, so comment now because the contest ends on Saturday. I’ll draw for prizes when I get back on August 4th!

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say! I’m listening!

2 thoughts on “Attention, Please!

  1. Well, I’m not a writer but I sure enjoy those who are! I was always the nerd who hauled a book everywhere. A standing rule growing up was, “No books at the table!” As a mom I know that’s a good rule but I still break it sometimes. Thanks to all you wonderful, creative people who fill our books and lives with beauty and joy and who share your hearts. I will try to hold them carefully. And, Kim, you are one of those giving, sharing people. Thank you for the joy you share. I am thankful for you.

  2. I hear you, dear sister. I used to blog quite a bit but then got some push-back from my rather judgemental and slightly insecure adult daughter and felt horribly shut down. It’s been quiet on my end for some time now, and I’m just now scraping up the courage to speak again. Part of the problem is time. I have a full time job working for the family business and in my spare time it’s hard to spend even more time in front of my computer. Hard to justify to the hubs that I need to spend time off by myself so I can share personal things on the internet. He doesn’t get blogging. He doesn’t understand that I have “friends” {to me… very REAL relationships} whom I have never met in person.
    I don’t know that that answers your question… what interests you in your pursuit of the Holy Life… I volunteer my time in student ministries at our church, and I love pursuing hearts for Christ, helping them dig deeper into His Word and developing a true relationship with the Author of their very lives. I enjoy unpacking the Word with them, and also delight in the time the Mr and I spend every morning in our devotional time.
    As for the “writer” or “non-writer” in me… I am a person who longs to finds the words to adequately express my heart. Oftentimes I am left with an ache in my heart and silence. If tears could be words… I would have crafted several novels by now.

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