No More Super Girl

womens-super-girl-v-neck-cape-t-shirt-logoI’m hanging up my cape.

You know the one. Bright blue with the red shield and the big stylized “S” in the middle of it?

Yep. I bet you have one too.


Keep it handy at all times. You just never know when you might need to save the world.


Well, I’m hanging mine up.

I am not Super Girl although I’ve done a pretty fair imitation of it at times in my life.

And failed miserably at other times.

Super Girl is a juggler. Her super power is keeping all the balls in the air. No matter how many and no matter if someone throws another one at her.

The balls I juggle are multi-colored, a cornucopia of shapes and sizes which makes it difficult to keep them from crashing down upon me and those I love.

The balls I juggle are labeled. Wife, Lover, Mother, Friend, Daughter, CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist), baker of cupcakes, owner of coffee shop,  caterer, worship leader, dramatist, writer, glass artist, blogger, fashionista (not really, but I wish it did!) and Christ Follower.  Did I forget anything?

Oh. Laundress. Finder of missing socks. Housekeeper of Excellence (it really doesn’t say that one, but I keep hoping that housekeeping gene my Mom and two sisters have kicks in at some point).Grocery shopper. Cooker of Dinner. Payer of bills and Taker of Naps.

I’ve read and written articles about saying no.

And then there comes the fateful words. “Someone should…..” and I become the someone.

John Lennon said, “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.”

I’d say it this way. “Life is what happens while you are not paying attention. Life is what happens while you wear your cape and try to save the world. Or your neighborhood. Or your town. Or maybe just your family. Life is what happens while you are busy controlling the Universe.”

Businesswoman juggling

Am I advocating letting all the balls drop to the earth, the victim of gravity? The proverbial chips falling where they may?

No. It’s so messy tripping all over those colored spheres littering the ground.

Some of the balls are callings. Some are balls handed to me by others. And some of them were just so wildly attractive, so bright and sparkly that I just had to pick them up. I mean, somebody had to!

But maybe. Just maybe. I’m not in charge of everything and everybody.

Maybe a ball falling would encourage a bystander to pick it up.

So I’m hanging up the cape. When the Super Girl beacon glows across the sky (sorry for mixing my super hero metaphors) someone else might have to answer.

It hit me the other day that if I continue to do all the stuff other people expect me to do and don’t do the things I am called to do, I am spinning my wheels while spinning around this universe.

People who know me know I’m busy. And I even get some things accomplished. Most would say I have a full and busy life. And I do, but are the things I spend my time on worthy of a life well lived?

What would life look like if we all only juggled the balls that we are called to juggle? What would it look like if each one of us played our part? Used our gifts? Took responsibility for our own life and happiness?

The interesting thing is the idea that I’m in charge of this life is smoke and mirrors.

The funny part is I was never in control.

My job is to live well. Without the cape. Getting by with a little help from my friends. Living a life of peace and joy that reflects the counter cultural life of Jesus.

How about you? What balls do you juggle and which are callings? And which are things you should let go?

You can hang your cape next to mine.