Square Pegs in Round Holes

square-watermelons-1Someone in Japan didn’t watch the old margarine commercial where Mother Nature brings on a show of thunder and lightning after eating Chiffon margarine that she thought was butter. “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!” she says as the thunder rolls and the animals cower.

So what would she think of this photo from Japan?

Square watermelons!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for progress. And good food. And plenty of fridge space.

The idea behind the square watermelon is that it fits better in the fridge and is easier to cut.

Guess they never watched Gallagher with a sledge-o-matic! Not sure he cares. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gasAFyonmmI (sorry for the bad word. Just watch the first part :0)


But maybe he does! No one has to worry about that pesky watermelon rolling off the table just as the sledge-o-matic falls to splatter said watermelon across the first 3 rows of people who hopefully wore rain coats to the show.

But something about the picture got to me.

Did anybody ask the watermelon how it felt about being squished into a square?


Not to get all Earth Mama on you, but did they? Does it matter? Is it just another improvement and another quirky thing and who cares?

I guess the thing that bothers me is that mankind is never satisfied with things as they are. And God did create us with intelligence and curiosity. Where would we be without it? But how far is too far?

There is a big push back right now against GMO or genetically modified foods and wondering at the health implications and I don’t want to get into that here. Google it. There is a wealth of info on the safety of our food and how government and big business affects what you and I put in our shopping carts.

But my question is this….when we can so manipulate things like watermelon for convenience, do we do the same with people?


I always have marched to the beat of my own drummer. Just ask my Mama! Really, each of us should.

Yes, cooperation. Yes, manners. Yes, there are things that we need to come together on so that society can function. Yes, we need to learn to work together and get along and hold jobs and do meaningful work on this planet.

But God made me who I am. And I am not like anyone else. I am unique. (Ask Man of my Dreams!) I may remind you of somebody, but when God knit me together in my mother’s womb putting DNA data from two unique individuals to create another individual, the Kim that was created is the only one. (If you have children, you know what I’m talking about! Your kids may share some attributes, but they are not alike.)

And this probably sounds a little crazy and probably too deep for the watermelon farmer in Japan who just tried to solve the problem his wife was having with not enough storage space for that darned round watermelon, but I felt sad for those little melons all squished into boxes that they were never designed for.

I know how it feels. Being pushed into a box at work or school that just doesn’t quite fit. Told to stay there because that is what is acceptable. Even as you grown and change and the box pinches and you. just. want. out.

More and more society wants everything homogenized. Manageable. We get used to our boxes and seek a safe life. An understanding of how life works so we can manage it. No surprises like a kid who learns better standing by his desk jumping up and down. Or a job loss. Or someone who does not love us anymore.

Man of my dreams and I recently embarked on an adventure of getting from the life we have to the life we want. And the life we believe God wants for us. It is a Grand Adventure and there is a spark in my tummy that wasn’t there a few weeks ago. We’ve seen the signs on the path “Here there be Dragons” but we are forging ahead anyway.

Anything worth having is worth slaying a few dragons.

Or refusing to be put into the box so your life looks like everyone else’s.

What about you? Box? Or No Box? Love to hear your thoughts!

One thought on “Square Pegs in Round Holes

  1. I agree, why mess with something that’s already perfect like the watermelon! And yes, we are all unique in our own way and it’s our life to make the choices we make! Maybe some are wrong choices but we live, learn and grow in our perception of life!

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