A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Perfection……

I’m far from perfect. I named this blog Holy Life…Holey Wife because every day the life I want smacks right into the life I have. Like a train wreck.

The life I want? A life of peace. A life where I smile and wear pearls while serving friends low fat, gluten free, all natural, yet delicious gourmet cupcakes while we play bridge. Later, I’ll whip up a spectacular romantic candle lit meal for my loving hubby complete with roasted baby vegetables picked fresh that morning from our organic garden. We’ll discuss deep things of faith and current events. It’s a place where the laundry is done for more than 15 minutes at a time. Using good-for-the-environment laundry detergent I make myself for a nickel a load so that the money I saved can benefit the needy. Where I fall into bed at night with a contented sigh and wake up the next morning ready to greet the morning with a smile.

Yeah. Not the life I’m living.

I am a holey wife. Far from holy. Far from perfect.

My life is often like a train wreck that you just can’t tear your eyes away from.

Confession: I don’t know how to play bridge. And even if I did, I wouldn’t have time. More often than not, I greet my day with a groan knowing that the to-do list is going to whip my tail. Again.

I had an epiphany yesterday.

I am never going to be the woman I admired at DSW yesterday. About my age. Out shopping with a friend. Tanned. Fit. Perfectly manicured and pedicured. Yellow cotton sheath. Perfectly put together and wearing pearls. While shopping, for heaven’s sake! She was purse shopping. Looking at purses that I wouldn’t pay the discount price to have.

The thought went through my mind–“I want to be like her when I grow up!” Now, since I’m way past grown up, it is doubtful that I will suddenly become that vision of sophistication and put togetherness. (Especially since I never can figure out what shoes to wear with what outfit!)

But I could see that woman in my dream life. She’d be right at home I think, in a perfect world.

What she was shopping for.

What she was shopping for.

I’m not.

What I shopped for

What I shopped for

Welcome to my life. It may get messy here as I wrestle with faith, life, and what to cook for supper.

This is a real place. A real place where we’ll talk about how to get from the life we have to the life we want.

Real life. Real love. Real laughter.

Perfection not allowed.

6 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Perfection……

  1. I think reaching the conclusion that we will never reach perfection is freeing. So is reaching the conclusion that we are each our own unique person; thus, it is like comparing “apples and oranges” to compare ourselves to another unique person because our unique strengths, weaknesses, and life experiences are so varied. I recently read a blog entitled “10 Ways to Be a Happier Parent” (http://shannonlell.com/2013/07/25/10-ways-to-be-a-happier-parent/) and #3 was “Make a list of five priorities and make sure you’re one of them. In the busiest phase of life – raising a family – you must learn to prioritize. You simply cannot do everything you want to do. Priorities should be the things that when they are missing from your life, the quality of your life goes down. … My five (in order of importance) are: God, husband, kids, writing and exercise. Now, doesn’t that give you an idea what my toilets look like?” Your post made me think of hers because both are essentially saying that perfection is not possible but happiness and contentment are. 🙂

    • Trish, you are so right and yet the world begs us to compare. I am excited that there are so many who are daring to be counter-cultural and forge ahead into the life that we desire instead of the life that advertising says we have to have. We know that none of us will ever reach perfection this side of eternity. That’s a given. But for too long, we’ve been spoon fed the idea that we need to at least strive for it. We’ll always come up short in the perfection department. Our “perfect” life we pretend to the world will be full of holes, so to speak. Instead, if we dedicate our efforts to the life, people and gifts that God has given, we’ll reach into the realm of the sacred–thus a holy life even as I’m a holy wife. Thanks for sharing. I will check out that blog! Blessings!

    • Thanks, Cheryl. I am working at being more transparent. Somehow I’ve gotten a rep of “having it all together!” lol Far from it. (Just ask my hubby!) Life is funny. This will just be my take on it. Thanks for reading!

  2. Very well said. It is so very frustrating as each day I start with good intentions to do all the things on my to-do list. But our focus should be on doing our best for God. Would God be happy with what I’ve accomplished in a day? Not always, but my goal needs to be putting him first. And just so you know, I just wish I was half as perfect as you.

    • Thanks, Lavonna. Busy, yes. Perfect, no. I think prioritizing is so difficult. Life is like scattershot at times–just trying to hit everything. I find myself in crisis mode often–I call it the tyranny of the urgent. And in that mode, I don’t get the priorities right. I have a friend that says, “Sometimes you have to give up the good to have the best.” I spend a lot of time on “good” and miss out on the best–but I’m trying. Thanks for your comments. (We really do need to get together again sometime!)

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